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Roulette Online Games Win Real Cash

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Roulette Game Online

Roulette origin is a casino game named in French, meaning wheel, which was developed from the Italian game Biribi. There are many kinds of Roulette, there are roulette european, french roulette, american roulette and indian roulette. It can be seen that roulette has been popular all over the world, and getting started is very simple. You only need to bet in the selected position to win the reward after the beads fall.

Rules of Roulette

On a regular roulette wheel in Roulette there are 1-36 numbers, American roulette with an extra 0 and 00 in green, European with an extra 0 in green, and French roulette with 25 numbers, of which 1 – 24 with a 0. You can choose to bet on black or red, single numbers, combinations of numbers, even or odd numbers, small numbers (1-18) or large numbers (19-36).

So how to determine the winning number and color, the croupier will announce that he will stop accepting bets before hitting the bead, then spin the reel and throw the lucky ball in the opposite direction of the reel. After waiting for the lucky ball and the turntable to stop, the position where the ball stops is the winning number and color, and then the chips with the corresponding odds will be settled according to the odds.

How to Play Roulette

  1. Come to and choose Roulette
  2. Choose a lucky number and place your bet
  3. Waiting to rotate the roulette
  4. The lucky ball lands on the chosen lucky number to get a cash reward
ColorRed or Black1:1
Single and DoubleSingular or Even1:1
Large and DecimalDecimal (1-18) or Large (19-36)1:1
Dozen BetSmall (1-12) Medium (13-24) Large (25-36)1:2
Column BetFirst, Second or Third Row1:2
Straight BetA Number1:35
Split BetLine Between Two Numbers1:17
Street BetThree Numbers in Vertical Row1:11
Basket Bet0,00,21:11
Corner BetFour Digital Junction Points1:8
First Five Bet0,00,1,2,31:6
Sixline Bet or Alley BetSix Numbers in Vertical Row1:5

Roulette Game Variations

Roulette European

Roulette European is not much different from America roulette. There are 37 roulette numbers including 0, and most casinos use cash to play the game directly, which makes it more exciting and tense.

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French Roulette

French Roulette has a total of 25 numbers, of which 0-24, and some roulettes are replaced by other patterns. Other rules are not much different. This roulette wheel has a 4% house edge, which is smaller than American roulette and larger than European roulette.

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Strange Roulette

The exact name of this kind of roulette is still uncertain, and it is temporarily called a strange roulette, which was first discovered in a casino in Macau. They removed the 00 from the American roulette wheel, which has the same numbers as the European roulette wheel, but it is unique in that the numbers on both sides of the 0 are red, while the numbers on the other side of the wheel are black.

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People Also Ask

You should split your chips into multiple pieces and bet on different places in each sentence of the game, but be careful not to bet on conflict, that is, bet on black then don’t bet on the red block, otherwise you are just betting Take the risk of the ball going to number 0.

  1. Stay away from odd bets, where the odds are 1:35 but the odds are only 1/38. This is not an ideal betting strategy. When you win more chips then try to bet a small odd number as entertainment.

All you need to know is that all real cash games are related to mathematical probability, choose a roulette wheel and bet according to the odds, you will love this feeling after earning real money.