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Teen Patti Origin

Teen patti (तीन पत्ती, meaning “three cards” in English also called Indian Flush) is a gambling card game that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is popular throughout South Asia. It originated in the British three-card brag game. There are hardly any indoor games in India as popular as card games. Playing them is now a part of family activities. In many family gatherings, cards help bridge the gap between generations. Online teen patti is now available, Download Teen Patti game app can also play against family, friends or strangers online.

How to Play Teen Patti Real Cash

Here’s the basic Teen Patti cash play, using the standard 52 cards. The goal of the game is to combine the three hole cards obtained into the largest hand and maximize the pot before showdown. Any higher class hand outperforms any lower class hand. If two players have the same combination, then no matter which of the two players calls for a showdown, the pot is divided equally between the two. In another variation, the suits remain ranked, and the player with the higher suit (spades-hearts-diamonds-clubs in descending order) wins the pot.

Teen Patti Rules

  1. Come to Teen Patti War and choose a table to enter
  2. Place your chips to get three-hole cards
  3. Choose whether to add blinds
  4. Watch the hole cards and choose “Bet” or “Fold”
  5. Ranking of hands with your opponent after selecting “Bet”

Teen Patti Sequence

Rank size from top to bottom

  1. Trail or Set
    • Three identical cards, three Aces are the highest and three 2s are the lowest.
  2. Pure Sequence
    • Three consecutive cards of the same suit.
    • The order of ranking from highest to lowest is: AKQ, A-2-3, KQJ, and so on, decreasing to 4-3-2. K-A-2 is not considered a straight flush.
  3. Sequence
    • Three consecutive cards are not all in the same suit.
    • Ranking from highest to lowest is the same as for a straight flush. Like a straight flush, KA-2 is not a valid hand.
  4. Color
    • Three cards of the same suit. If both players are flush, the player with the higher card wins; if they are the same value, the next highest card is compared, and if necessary, the third card is compared.
    • If two players have the same card value, the cards in hand are arranged in descending order of suits: Spades-Hearts-Diamonds-Clubs.
  5. Pair
    • Two cards of the same rank. Between two pairs, the one with the higher value wins. If the pair is the same, the value of the third card determines the winner. So the lowest pair is 2-2-3 and the highest pair is AAK.
  6. High Card
    • If two players share a common high card, the remaining cards are compared based on their value.

Straight flush/pure sequence480.22%459.42:1
No pair/high card1644074.39%0.34:1


Real Money Teen Patti Betting Rules

  • At the start of the game, before the croupier deals your cards, you pay a smaller bet, called the entry fee in Tenn Patti

  • After everyone has been dealt three cards, you can choose to bet the blinds or check your cards and bet

    • You only need to pay a minimum wager amount when placing blind bets

    • If you choose to check, you will need to pay twice the minimum bet

  • All players are required to place bets unless the following occurs

    • All other players fold, only you keep your hand, then you directly win all the chips of the round

    • There is a player other than you who has kept the hand, then you need to show the hand, and the player with the higher combination wins the round of chips

Teen Patti Winning Tips

Teen Patti’s winning technique isn’t about winning one round, it’s about increasing your chances of winning and reducing the number of losing rounds. Teen Patti masters can never win all the time, they win more and lose less.

  • Keep Poker Face
    • First of all, we must maintain a good image of the game in each game, so that people can’t read your performance, that is, don’t rush to bet big when you get a big card, don’t fold quickly when you get a small card, when other players can’t See through your actions and you have the upper hand in this game.
  • Maintain Good Betting Habits
    • Pick a smaller stack at the beginning, start with a small stake, and start a fixed 20 hands. Leave after 20 rounds of poker, analyze your previous behavior, and improve your skills through constant review.
  • Don’t let your emotions Teen Patti Casino
    • Keeping a rational mind and folding when it should help you retain your chips, as excitement tends to bring more losses than chips.
  • Do what you can in Teen Patti games
    • Be sure to set a stop loss line before playing Teen Patti, and leave immediately after losing the stop loss line. And don’t play with borrowed money.

Real Teen Patti Professional Glossary

  • Boot Amount
    • Minimum Amount of Entry to Participate in Hands
    • Blind is the player who chooses to bet without looking at the cards, and Seen is the player who chooses to bet after looking at the hand.
  • Ante
    • The amount a player must wager at the start of the game
  • Post
    • The wager paid after the player reconnects
  • Chaal
    • Regular betting that begins after paying the entry chips
  • Fixed Limit
    • The maximum limit a player can bet
  • Spread Limit
    • The range in which players can bet
  • Pot Limit
    • Means the player can raise the entire pot-sized amount in the game
  • No Limit
    • Players can bet as much as they want, with no limit on the amount
  • Flod
    • Folding, an option when a player thinks they are underpowered
  • Sideshow
    • When the challenged players challenge together, the challenger and the challenged party check each other’s hands. The team with the weaker hand is forced to fold, and if the two players have the same hand, the challenger is forced to fold.
  • Show (Down)
    • When there are only two players left in the manufacturer, compare the card strengths of the two sides, and the side with the higher card strength wins and wins the chips.

Teen Patti Real Cash Game Variations

Best of Four Teen Patti​

Each player is given 4 cards, from which they must select the three most suitable cards to form the largest hand.

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Wild Draw

After each player has three cards in their hand, the dealer draws a card at random. All cards of the same rank of the card are wild cards.

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Bust Card Draw

When all players have three cards in hand, the dealer randomly draws cards, and takes all cards of the same level as the card as busts, and all players holding busts directly fold.

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People Also Ask

Joker is generally used as a wild card, but not all 3 pattis have jokers, there are many variants of 3 patti, you can learn how to play on our website and start playing.

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  2. Deal cards after betting and check your hand
  3. Choose to continue betting or fold
  4. Compete with your opponents

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